error during veritas backup

I keep getting a failed backup because of this error in veritas backupexec

WARNING: "\\servername\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes\Byrd, Arthur [byrda]&Top of Information Store&Inbox&Å’00009d4bb4c4953ef5b7006d178af48e5a40a7000de800077c2104b76a70c5000012001597" is a corrupt file.
This file cannot verify.
How can i track down this file and get rid of it?
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kieran_bConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>Do you just use Cached mode?

No, I don't use anything to backup the users mailboxes by themselves.

An information store backup will include all their mailboxes anyway - if I really had to get something back, I could get it from there.  If it is just a single item, I use deleted item retention to get it back.
i can see that file is in folder microsoft exchange mailbox>>byrd ,arthur top of information store inbhox and there i think you can see something like the same if you cant see i would advise you to leave all top of the information store or user mailbox uncheck.
you can done by doing into setting into your veritas exec only and your backup policy edit policy ..
this will do

Moving right along,

This is a problem with brick level backups (or mailbox backups) basically, something in the users mailbox is corrupt (and good luck finding it) but the real issue is the way you are backing up - BLB's are terribly slow and inefficient because they don't deal direct with the databases, they act as an email client.

BLBs are also amazingly pointless in a disaster situation.

I would recommend that you stop backing up the mailboxes, and rather backup the Information Store only.

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i would not advised that one as we had same software for small buisness server and were backing up in the same way we had same issue and it is basically because of the software backup understands somehown in something called decimal format and the results which says corrupted are not actually corrupted but they are in hexadecimal format which is not understood by the software .
i would suggest you to just skip that one for a while and also advise you to contact symentic for their support on this they will sort it out for you as their expertise are very much helpful /
jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
Thanks Kieran.  
So as far as backing up user mailboxes... Do you just use Cached mode?  and if the server fails once the restore is complete. the mailboxes on the server will sync up with the mailbox on the workstation?  
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