Need to bring Movie Clip to front without using a button

Hello! I am working on a website in flash that has a photo gallery that is loaded from external swfs. The problem I'm having is that the photos are overlapping the client's logo (which I have set as a movie clip) and I cannot seem to get the logo to come to the front. I have tried swapDepth, getNextHighestDepth, but have yet to have any luck. Any suggestions on what to do would be helpful.
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ZefferConnect With a Mentor Commented:
load the logo moviclip dynamically like the images but give the logo clip a very high depth number eg..

loadMovieNum("logo.swf", 100,000);

this will keep it in front of the images
to position the logo using loadMovieNum..make the stage size for logo.swf the same as the main movie and it will appear exactly as you have placed it.
actually made a small error..don't use a comma in the depth number
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