Hard wired network will come up and then go back down...wireless stays on...whats up?

i have a cable modem going into a dlink router and then out to a switch that goes into the network patch panel.  Wireless works fine (I'm on it now), but anything hard wired is not working at all.  I can unplug the switch and plug it back up, then the hard wired stuff works for about 30 seconds and then goes back off.  I've already reset everything numerous times, and the only thing that makes the hard wired network work is unplugging the switch, but it only works for about 30 seconds.  I've put in another switch and with the same results.  Any ideas?''

Kevin SmithAsked:
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TreyHConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could possibly have a virus/spyware infected PC causing a broadcast storm once it finds a gateway out.  You could use a packet sniffer between the dlink and LAN and capture outbound packets to check.

Can you bypass your patch panel then retest
Do you have dhcp running on both the switch and the d link?

what ips do you get on the hardwired stuff and what ips are you getting on the wireless.  Are they on the same subnet?
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What kinds of switches are you using?  If they don't support spanning tree, it may be possible that there's a broadcast storm occurring somewhere in the network, causing the wired portion to shutdown.  If you can make sure that there aren't any loops in the network, that would help.  Unplugging each cable in the patch panel, and then plugging them back in until you notice the lights on the switch go nuts would be a good way of trying to find where the problem is.
i suppose your switch is blocking some ports due to spanning tree or loop back detection mechanisms.
i suppose you have to console to your switch and issue show log, when you experience connectivity problem.
post results here
Kevin SmithAuthor Commented:
i've changed the switches out and the same thing happens.  there's been no different configurations on anything from last week, and everything was working fine then.

dell powerconnect 2216...but like i said, i tried another switch with the same results.

no loop back in cables...everything's connected the same.
ok, still i suppose you have to console with rs232 to your switch and see logs
Kevin SmithAuthor Commented:
I eventually narrowed it down to one computer, so it probably was a virus or something of that nature (thanks Trey!).  The computer was ready to come off the network anyway, so I didn't even bother to check it for an issue, I just removed it from the network and everything's back up.

Thanks to all!
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