Cisco hsrp, load-sharing configuration 3640

I have a 3640 that currently only has one fast ethernet port configured and connected to a CAT 3750 switch.  I would like to configure a second fast ethernet port on the 3640 connected to the 2nd CAT3750 in the stack.  In the event that one of the CAT 3750 switches of a switch stack fails traffic will route over the remaining switch.  Can someone tell me what would be the best way to configure this on the 3640 router? Please refer to diagram below.

                        -----------  3750 switch 1 stack 1  -----------  7206VXR -------------------- ISP-A
<--- T1  -|          |                                                                          |
           3640 --  |                                                                       HSRP
<--- T1   -|         |                                                                           |
                         -----------  3750 switch 2 stack 1  -----------  7206VXR  -------------------- ISP-B
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from_expConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok, in this situation, you can configure ports in 3750 as routed (no switchport) and run ospf on in.
the same on 3640. so you'll get equal cost multipath configuration
i suppose you can configure etherchannel between router and two stacked 3750.
here is an example:
schaefferbAuthor Commented:
Not sure that I can configure etherchannel on 3640 router or more specifically over two NM-1FE-TX ports.
schaefferbAuthor Commented:
ok, very good... sorry for late reply (on the road), but I'll take a look at implementing the OSPF solution in a day or so.
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