Contents of Shared folder on win23K server is out of date when viewed by others on lan

I have a Windows 2003 server which i have a shared folder one.  Lets call it Server A.  I need to view the contents (one specific file) on this share from another Win 23K server (Server B).
The problem is that when server B looks at the contents of the share on server A, either by mapping the drive, or via unc path, the contents are out of date.  
I even wrote a dos batch job on Server B to copy the file from Server A to B, which told me "1 File copied successfully", but the copy was out of date!  

I put the batch job on Server A to copy the file to B, and it was still out of date.  
When i look at the contents of Server A share from my PC, it is also out of date.  
The workaround i currently am using is to remote desktop to Server A.  As soon as i log on to Server A over RDP, the shares contents are updated on the Server B, and my PC.  As long as i stay logged into Server A, the contents will always stay up to date.

I tried installing VNC on Server A, as i want to be able to change the file contents for testing without using RDP, but VNC will not work unless i have an RDP session connected to Server A simultaenously.  I'm not sure if this is connected to the share problem.

Any ideas of what is causing this.  Thank you.
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Scott AndersonPrincipal Support EngineerCommented:
Hmmm... time stamps on files are actually tagged as Greenwich Mean Time as their timezone, and then the local server's timezone deviation is applied to the GMT to get local time.  Verify that your timezones are correct on both the servers...

If that's not it, is there a specific deviation amount that the files are off by?  or are they all off by random amounts??
Interlink_ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding.  The timezones match on the two servers, and my pc.  As soon as an rdp session
is disconnected from Server A, any updates to the contents of it's shared folder is not visible on other machines.  So they never update until someone rdp's to ServerA again, and then everything updates.
Interlink_ITAuthor Commented:
Obviously this isn't as easy a problem as i first expected, so i've increased the points for a solution.  
Not sure what difference it's meant to make though!  Do higher points attract more people?

Interlink_ITAuthor Commented:
Ok, can anyone shed some light on this at all, or is it off to Microsoft i go?
Would appreciate any assistance/suggestions, etc.

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