ATI Wonder 650 HD won't install

I installed the hardware as per the instructions. I restart the computer and Vista 32 finds new hardware. The computer then freezes. I can't get the ATI Catalyst software to recognize the card. The card is new and not bad. It will install fine on another machine I have running Vista. System is an Intel dp35dp motherboard, quad core processor, 4 gb mem., Nvidia 8800, Vista 32.
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Is this a "HDTV Wonder 650" or a "TV Wonder 650 Combo" or a "Theater 650 Pro" or something else?

You're not supposed to install the software first...  so I'm not sure what you mean by ''... can't get the ATI Catalyst software to recognize the card'' - if the card never installed correctly into Device Manager the first time Vista booted with the card in the computer, you should completely uninstall the software and try again.

Since ATI's site uses javascript to generate pages on the fly, here are the uninstall directions pasted from the pertinent page:
Removing Old ATI Software
1. Click on Start, then Control Panel, then go to Add/Remove Programs.
2. At the top of the list you should see several ATI entries. Select the entry entitled ATI Software Uninstall Utility, and click Change/Remove.
3. You will be prompted to restart your system once the uninstall is complete.
4. Once restarted, check the Add/Remove Programs list again for any remaining ATI software.
5. If any ATI software is still listed, click Change/Remove on those entries to uninstall each one individually.
6. Next, please scroll through the list until you find an entry called DAO (see screenshot below).
7. Select DAO, then Click Change/Remove to uninstall this program.

Sorry - I didn't paste the screen shot in... the entry is named DAO, however.


Now you should be ready to try the install again - shut down, install the card, power up, cancel the install when Vista detects, run the install CD.

Here's a page that deals with common installation problems with TV Wonder 650 cards, which should get you into their knowledge base pretty close to where you need to be...
you should be able to backtrack from there and tweak your location by using the 'bread crumb' links at the top of that page (e.g. AMD Customer Care Site Map > TV Tuner / Remote Support > TV Wonder 650 PCI > ), if you actually have some other card.

Here's a link to the latest drivers for Vista32, released a couple weeks ago:
JFasnacht57Author Commented:
Card is the Visiontek TVWonder HD 650 Combo. (manufactured by ATI)
I have the latest drivers. (this is a new system and I have the latest drivers for all installed hardware)

I already uninstalled the ATI software. There isn't a listing for DAO to remove. I had removed the card. After reinstalling the card, Vista upon startup, tries to install a driver for the card. The computer then locks. How do I stop Vista from automatically installing the driver?
OK...  from what I found it's probably a conflict with Intel chipsets.

Try this:
Boot without the card
right click on Command Prompt in the Accessories menu and select "run as administrator"

In the command box, type:

bcdedit /set configaccesspolicy disallowmmconfig

shut down, install the card, boot, install the drivers.
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JFasnacht57Author Commented:

Thanks for all your help. Card not in system. Tried the command. I then shutdown, installed card and rebooted. Vista tries to install a new driver and locks. Is there anyway to stop Vista from automatically installing a new driver?
It was my understanding that's what that command is supposed to do.
(bcdedit /set configaccesspolicy disallowmmconfig)
You did uninstall all the visiontek/ATI software and drivers before you tried it again, right?
JFasnacht57Author Commented:
Yes all software had been removed. I have a Maxtor one touch drive attached and I'm thinking that might be causing the problem. I'm going to remove it and the Maxtor software. I'll let you know if that works.
JFasnacht57Author Commented:

Thanks again. I found a solution. The bcdedit command did not work. I could not get the driver to install under Vista. I tried Vista Safe Mode. The driver was automatically installed and everything is working fine. Go figure.
OK... what you can do is accept your own answer as the solution (YES to the 'what you were looking for?' query in your previous message), it'll generate an automessage here in the thread, and after a week with no objections (as far as I know I'm the only watching this and I'm not going to object), your points will be refunded.

When you accept your own answer as the solution it should give you a popup notice telling you pretty-much what I just told you, but I'm telling you beFORE you click the button. ;-)

Sorry we(I) couldn't provide a better answer here in a timely manner.
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