Exporting from InfoPath to Excel

Hello.  I am new to InfoPath so I dont know if this is even possible:

I would like to see if there is a way to export information entered into an InfoPath form to an Excel sheet.  The desired result would be to add an export button to the InfoPath form.  The button would link to an event that would copy the data and save to an existing Excel workbook as a new sheet.  I am comfortable using VBE if needed, but an not very experienced (I use lots of references).  Both the Excel workbook and the InfoPath form are on a Sharepoint site.  Another ideal feature would be the ability to map certain a form entry to a specific cell in the Excel sheet.

If this is beyond the core MS functions I can also break out the VB, but am trying to avoid this if possible.
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I am not sure how far this will help you. but have a look,
Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
OK a couple things here.

1. There is built in functionality in InfoPath to export to Excel.
Typically you would create a view that would contain the fields you want to export.
In the file menu is an export selection.  This can be turned off in the form options in design mode.
The limitation is that it only exports what is in the form and the user is responsible for using the new workbook. This works for personal use but does not sound like a real solution for you.

2. Most people want an agregate of the InfoPath information or in your case the same Excel Spreadsheet updated which would conatin all of the data.
This is quite common request but you need a common data repository to accomplish it. You could use Sharepoint possibly but often the flat data structure limits what can be done and getting the information extracted and in and out is difficult.
Typically I use a SQL database and web services to collect and aggregate all of the InfoPath form data across all of the forms. Then you can have an Excel spreadsheet which uses the SQL tables as it s data source to view or perform calculations on the data.
I think this is probbaly what you are wanting.
Users complete forms, backend users report or analyze the collected data with Excel.
You can get a web service package that will install on your SQL server and you could have this setup in a matter of hours without any code.

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ChuckDeezelAuthor Commented:
I think Access is the way to go in this scenario.  Thanks for the suggestion.
ChuckDeezelAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion for DB. Going to go with access.
Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
I would recommend SQL or at least SQL Express if you do not have a server.  InfoPath is an enterprise forms solution, and thought it will work with Access, the interaction has come limitations, and SQL will give you better performance and functionality.

I use the Database Accelerator Web Suite from http://www.qdabra.com If you want to do it right and save your self potential headaches then it is the way to go.
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