Call of Duty 4 has low fps

Hi everyone,

I've had COD4 installed for about 4 months without any problems. At some point, some security software was taxing COD4 so that everything was extremely choppy. I used a clean boot to turn off all my services and startup items that weren't microsoft related and it fixed the choppiness. But now I'm getting really low fps compared to before.

I've tried:
Turning the graphics down
Reinstalling COD4
Reinstalling the drivers for the video card
Updating the bios on my motherboard
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So you have your AV software turned off right?  
Also pathc 1.5 just came out.  I havent hd a chance to install it but that may be related.
OpacityZeroAuthor Commented:

Yes, my AV is turned off.
What is pathc by the way?
sorry patch*

Version 1.5 just came out.
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OpacityZeroAuthor Commented:
I see, I've been playing with that version. It was running fine, but now I'm getting low fps during the game. I dont know what I did to change it.
Well look before and after...

Did you install any new software?
Have you tried rolling back to a previous day
Have you done research on seeing if other COD4 players are experiencing this issue?

I know a bad patch came out for Team Fortress 2 that killed everyone's frames and a fix is being worked on.  I would see if there is something similar with COD.

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I am fighting this same issue... Choppy to the point of locking up in game.
I have been asking in game and no one else is having this issue (Not the best people to ask, because they are able to play!)
I am leaning toward some sort of router/firewall issue on my end right now.
If you are using a router, try playing with out, and see if that eliminates all issues!
OpacityZeroAuthor Commented:
I looked for a couple days online for something related to this.
I found a couple things that fixed this:

I restored a system state about a week ago when it was working
Then I did a clean boot after I read this on Microsoft:

Without configuring a clean boot, the game would eventually get REALLY choppy. Everything is working fine now. Unfortunately I wasn't able to figure out which third party software was effecting my gameplay. I think I'll slowly start services one by one until I find it.

JaySully, did your game work before?
Yeah I had no problems before. I rule at Firs Person Shooters, and it made me want to kick my dog.
I fixed my Vista partition, and it works fine on it, and I installed a Direct 10x video card. And Windows XP is still choppy, and Vista is working.
I will be replacing my mobo and getting new ram, so I am sure a clean install is heading my way soon!
OpacityZeroAuthor Commented:
Good for you! I'm about ready to upgrade to Vista myself.
Well since i figured out Vista's boot.ini system, I installed XP, and haven't been on Vista in a LONG time. I had like 28 updates to install when I logged on there to play COD4 :D
There is ZERO, and I mean NO reason to upgrade to vista, fyi!
Go into your graphics setting on your video card and turn off force vertical sync and turn off or set to 2X anti Aliasing
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