How Can I merge a PDF Package (or multiple forms) to one PDF Document

I have received hundreds of returned forms and am able to merge data back to the original dataset. I can print them individually, but I need to be able to merge them all in to one document (so that all forms can be viewed together). I have only been able to package the individual files but they are treated like attachments within the packaged documents. Need help fast ! ! ! !
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If you can print them all out then do you have a good copier at work that will scan them all to say a folder or email?
This should come as one document

You can use the Batch Processing sequence Page|Insert Pages which allows you to insert one pdf into another.

Select Batch processing from Advanced Editing. Select a New Sequence and name it. Use the Select Command button and add Insert Page from the left to the right column. set 'Run commands' to 'Selected Folder' and output folder to a different folder. Select the folder where your files reside.

Now if you open a single PDF file this sequence will insert the files in that folder in your PDF file. Please note that this is a crude method and the files may be in a different order than you intended so best start on a test but it should work...

prturbodogAuthor Commented:
I tried the batch sequencing, but it only copies the files in the folder to a new location and retains the XML data. I think that the XML info is the problem here... since I have tried to use the merge option under the combine files command (it shows all files having the "Acrobat xml files cannot be merged" warning until you switch to PDF Package). Is there any way to embed/discard the XML without losing the text in completed fields?
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Sorry did not realize that you have XFA based forms. Have not tried this before so not familiar with the error message but  if you have a look at this:

This is NOT a solution to your problem but explains why you experience the xml drop. XML is stripped when merging so the packaging is your only option alas with the outcome you describe in the original Q.

You could create a batch sequence to print all pdf as images which in theory have all xml convert to image within PDF and therefore they should combine in a merge. But I have never tried this so not sure whether that works

hopefully points you in the right direction though


You have a couple of choices in Acrobat, creating a "package" or merging all of your documents into a single PDF.

When you click on "Create PDF" and then select "From Multiple Files" you will have the option to create a Merged document or an Assembled document.  In the case of Forms created using Adobe LiveCycle Designer you will have no choice but to use the Assembled package which in Reader 8 will be treated as a nicely formatted form package but with Reader 7.x will be treated as a PDF with attachments.
By the way, if your data is complete and you don't need to modify the forms any further then you can "Flatten" the forms and then put them together as a single PDF document.
prturbodogAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all of the suggestions folks, but I finally figured out a way to do this... (btw the flatten doesn't work on the package files). Here is what I had to do:
1. Create a batch process using the PRINT command
2. Change the output option to "Output Format" to create an eps file.
3. Run the batch sequence on my folder (now at 1000+ returned forms)
4. Combine the eps files in to one huge pdf document (Voila!)
Thanks for everyone's suggestions!  

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