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CVS - Bulk Updates

I want to keep track of the daily changes I make to a script by using CVS. I'm running into a problem updating the CVS records.

I currently have a script that checks out the rep from the CVS and then overwrites the script files with the newest files (leaving the CVS directory in tact for all folders). It then executes a command.

I first tried Commit, which updates existing files fine, but doesn't automatically add new files.
I then tried import, which add new files, but reports a conflict if a file exists and is different.

Any recommendations on a simple way to do a 'bulk update' so that I can just upload the new files and run a single command?
1 Solution
Just do

cvs add *
cvs commit
... possibly putting some unwanted file mask into the .cvsignore file.
Duncan RoeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
How about doing a Commit and then doing an Import? there should be no existing files that differ after the commit.

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