IOS to LWAPP downgrade

whats the procedure to change from cisco ios to LWAPP on a aironet 1200 series ?
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DamionasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok..These access points  can only communicate with 2006 series or 4400 series controllers; they do not support Layer 2 LWAPP. They must get an IP address and discover the controller using DHCP, DNS, or IP subnet broadcast.

So no, you can't downgrade them.
Step 1 Open your Internet browser. You must use Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0.2800 or a later release.

Step 2 Enter https://IP address (where IP address is the controller's IP address) in the browser address line and press Enter. A user login screen appears.

Step 3 Enter the username and password and press Enter. The controller's summary page appears.


Note The username and password are case-sensitive.

Step 4 Click Wireless > 802.11a Radios or 802.11b/g Radios and a list of associated access points appears.

Step 5 Choose the desired access point from the displayed list and click Configure. The radio settings page appears.

Step 6 Scroll down to the Tx Power Level Assignment field, and click Custom.

Custom indicates that the radio output power is manually controlled by the Tx Power Configuration setting field.

Step 7 In the Tx Power Level field, select the appropriate power level setting (1 to 8).

Based on the operating channel, the regulatory domain, and the controller power level setting (1 to 8), the actual transmit power at the access point can be reduced to comply with special regulatory or country restrictions.

More info found here:
EscarpeAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I was just wondering if the waps are already in autonomous mode, how are they going to find the wireless controller ??  Don't they have to be downgraded to LWAPP first ?
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