login form in visual basic 2005, no c#please

I have a login form that opens up after the user has installed the application with the following fields:

Create Account under the header:
        create         exit

when the user presses the "create" button the username and password are successfully stored within an access database and the main form opens.
What I would like to know is how after that login is created and the user re-launches the application again for another "Login Form" to open that will ask the user to login as the account is already created.

Please tell me what statement I need to put after the account is created so that this new form opens up asking the user to authenticate himself.
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ScottParkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just a few quick thoughts on the basic concept of what I would do.
I would end up with 3 forms..

MainForm  - Have a Public field called _accountCreated

In the OnLoad function of MainForm, show LoginForm.
The LoginForm would just have 2 text fields and 2 buttons.
 Username  and Password would be text fields.
  Submit and Cancel would be the buttons.
On Submit, I would check the database for that username/password.
If found and the password is right, then set the mainform._AccountCreated field to true,  Else if no record is found then set it to False.

Then, still in your mainforms onload sub...
do something like....
If not _AccountCreated then
  show CreateAccountForm
systems_axAuthor Commented:
can you provide the sample code please.
thank you
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