Routing 443 through multiple firewalls

I have an ISA server sat behind 3 different firewalls connected to the internet by a cheap netgear adsl router.

I need to pass 443 traffic from several 3g connected laptops to/from the ISA server.

I can use NAT on the ADSL router but not elsewhere.
Can I do this with a simple routing rule on each firewall?
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stagiraConnect With a Mentor Commented:

yes why not ? but with somes configurations.

You must configure routing beetwen your 3 firewall, and allowing traffic.
on the last, just NAt this traffic.
This will be a better solution than NAT 3 or 4 times the traffic, but this point will depend which who you are talking about.

keep in mind that all Firewall must know all network, and that is better to use only private network for internal use.

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