How to update a TXT resource?

I have a text file that I have included in a Visual Studio 2005 (C#) project.

I recently updated the file in a text editor, but now, whenever I build the solution, the program somehow uses the *old* text file -- which I have confirmed is nowhere on my hard drive.

Note that I didn't change the name of the file; I simply updated its contents, which are now very different from what they were before (so there's no chance that I could be getting the same output).

So, why is my program still running as though the contents of my TXT file haven't changed??  The old file must be cached somewhere, but I can't find it.  I tried cleaning my solution, removing the re-adding the text file as a project resource, and manually deleting build files -- nothing has worked.

-- Milo
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Try the following:

Select the file in the Solution Explorer and change the properties as follows:
- Build Action: Embedded Resource
- Copy To Output Directory: Copy if newer (or Copy Always)

This should ensure that it will leave the file as standalone as well as copy it to the output folder for the project. It should in general also include it if you create a ClickOnce installation.
MiloDCAuthor Commented:
qalar71, that didn't work.  Same result.

I wonder if my problem has something do to with the way in which I am -- or rather, am not -- specifying the TXT file in my C# code.

Currently, I refer to it simply as "myFile.txt."  Should it first be defined as some kind of resource object?
MiloDCAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I'm Googling around and it looks like I need to create an Assembly object that I can use to access an embedded resource.


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