Any options besides Visual Web Developer??

I hate it.  I hate it.  I can't possibly express how much I hate it.

I have about 15 clients who have classic ASP websites and suddenly my upgrade to 2008 doesn't do any intellisence, which is really no big deal, but even the FORMATTING IS GONE!!! ARGH!!!! and any optional plugins seem to suck.  I'd really prefer not to spend all day downgrading and then trying to screw around with downgrading all the websites that I've done in the 3.0 version (which 2008 seems to want you use).  GRRRRR....

So, I've broken down and started coding in Notepad++.  That's just annoying, since dragging files back and forth from my development server to the live server is a bit of a pain.  Visual Studio 2008 seems to take forever to do that as well??? What's up with that?

Honestly, I think I've spent more time watching that #(@&$*$ hourglass than coding.  Even if I work on my local machine.

I need some alternatives. is actually pretty new to me, probably about a year of coding, and that is a mixture of C# and VB, as I tend to pick up a lot of projects from frustrated clients midway through projects.  That results in my knowing both "OK", but neither really well.

Finally, my Interns are, well... interns.  They think they know how to write code, but I constantly catch them using the WISIWIG crap - or they code their HTML pretty weakly - whatever, the problem is that I hired them under the assumption that they would never need classic asp and kept those clients away from them, giving them low priority, simple projects.

So, I am about ready to ditch altogether.  I am simply disgusted with watching my people twiddle their thumbs while this crap compiles.  99% of my clients are intranet databases with under 20 people using them, so I'm not concerned about scale or immense efficiency.  I could run 10 of them at once off a commodore 64 (remember them?).

I need an alternate to Visual Studio/VWD for classic ASP.  I'd LOVE to find ANY alternative editor, but I'd really like to have the intellisense (although I'd be willing to ditch that if I could get something fast).  Most of all, I'd really like it to do both, but I'd be willing to give that up as well.  Money is NOT an option!  I'm sure I've lost at least $1000 in billable hours.  

please help me before I jump off a damn cliff.  please.  anyone?
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I think I have finally found someone who hates Visual Studio as much as I do. I've always used Notepad++ or similar things (Geany on my Linux computer, SciTe on my Windows computer).
if you want speedy desktop you wouldnt use Windows Vista... since although its latest and greatest, its not the fastest... same goes for your coding environment...

Have you tried coding in VS2003.... Its way faster in handling classic asp than VS2005/2008

Although I have built many classic ASP and ASP.NET apps in Visual Studio 2005/2008 without any problems, I suggest PrimalCode if you are having issues with VS.

It has Intellisense support for classic ASP, JavaScript, and

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DanielcmorrisAuthor Commented:
Ok, I installed PrimalCode and it seems to be pretty nice.  There are a lot of options that I like, such as publishing to multiple servers, but it does lack a bunch of features that are nice in VS, but are so damn slow that it is driving me nuts.

So, I'm going to use PrimalCode Enterprise edition, (actually i think it's primalscript and its actually $375 for that edition) for the classic ASP and bought a nice fast new laptop so I can still use the VS fo.  So, after a totally wasted day of screwing around, I'm out $2,500   :)  

I can't thank you enough for the PrimalCode idea.  It really is exactly what I was looking for.
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