Virt machine DC trouble

I created a virtual machine from a 2003 server that was a DC in my test6 setup and now i have both of them in the same test domain  (different names ) and they won't recognize each other at all.  When i go to ADUAC all i see is the one DC.  I can't do a DCPROMO to remove AD or anything.  Is there a way to keep these both in the domain and remmove AD from one of them??  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks

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Matthew MillersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How did you create the virtual machine?
prutterAuthor Commented:
I used the converter and made a copy of the existing machine.  I renamed the server during that process
prutterAuthor Commented:
i seemed tofinally get it going.  I just had to check "it's the last DC in the doamin" box.  Then it let me remove AD.  Thanks for the reply.
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