Sending Mass Email Blasts

My client has a legitimate database of customers with close to 10,000 email addresses. They want to send a monthly mass email to them. Can this be done with their regular pop3 email hosting and outlook? Or do they need special hosting and software?
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To tell the truth, you'll have to check with their current hosting provider to know the answer to that.  The limits will be set by the provider, and you may be able to work with them to find out what those limits are and if they can be adjusted to accommodate this.
With "most" standard hosting accounts (and ISPs), this activity would definitely violate their TOS (Terms of service) as most have provisions regarding the sending of bulk mail.

For the sake of argument lets assume everything is OK with the host.
With this many addresses, I'd be more apt to script against the database and automate it as much as possible. Though there are certainly ready to go software titles available for email marketing.

But as suggested above by ckimball99, you really should contact your Host (and ISP if you're going to be routing through them) before attempting this.

Use a client\program such as Constant Contact. You can try it for free. that way you are not trying to send mail through your ISP. No Problems!

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