Active Directory 2K : adding a group to a group

i have an AD group (global, security).  however, i can only add users to the group, and not a group to the group.
is the only option to always add individual users to the group?  i want all users to always belong to this group.
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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperAsked:
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Toni UranjekConnect With a Mentor Consultant/TrainerCommented:
Hi zephyr_hex,

If you raise domain functional level (DFL) to Windows 2000 (or "native mode") you will be able to nest global groups in global groups.
Change is irreversible you will lose ability to replicate AD to NT4 backup domain controllers.

"How to raise domain and forest functional levels in Windows Server 2003"

Article should apply to Windows 2000 Server also, of course you can not raise DFL to Windows 2003


zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperAuthor Commented:
perfect.  thanks.
Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:
I'm glad I could help!


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