Dll throws Error on non dev machine

I am having a problem with a third party dll when installing my applications on some other machines.  Note that it works fine on some machines and not on others.  My application references a dll called UNIVOPT_CSLOADER.dll which is a .NET wrapper for the C++ dll, CSUNIVOPT.  When it fails it throws this error message:  The type initializer for "CSUNIVOPT" threw an exception.  Looking at the stack trace this happens when I first try to call a function from this dll.

The dll in my application, UNIVOPT_CSLOADER, resides in my applications directory and the other dlls are in my System32 dir.  These other dlls also reside in the C:\MBRM dir, the install directory for this product, but I have renamed them and run the application to confirm that it is calling the ones in the System32 dir.

If I move this application into the C:\MBRM directory it runs fine, but if I try and move all the dlls into from the MBRM dir into my apps dir I have the same problem.  

Why would the same dll's try to load their dependant dlls from different places on different machines?
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Don't you register these dlls when you deploy your app ? Did you use tlbimp.exe to generate the .Net wrapper of your native C++ dll ?
pjsulinAuthor Commented:
The problem was that I was running two different versions of the dlls, the newer was suppose to be backwards compatible but was not.

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