Add Public Exchange calendar toOutlook 2007

One client in the local network cannot seem to add the company calendar to his outlook. All others have an Other Calendar tab with the global calendar listed. i cannot seem to create the same situation for the one cllent that is using outlook 2007. All others have outlook 2003
Peter HeinickeCEOAsked:
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MarkMichaelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go into folder view in Outlook.
Can you see the Public Folder at the bottom of the list?
Peter HeinickeCEOAuthor Commented:
I'm sure I'm just missing a very simple step.
Peter HeinickeCEOAuthor Commented:

I solved the issue thanks to your gudance.  I looked in the folder list and remembered that their public folder is inside a folder called favorites. Once we located the public folder we saw the company calendar. By right clicking on the calendar we noticed a "Add to Favorites" choice.  At first it did not appear to do anything, but a few minutes later the company calendar appeared in the other calendars area as it does in all the other clients in the local area network. I'm sti;; ;earning how to use this service so I'm not sure if I can awrd you the points. I'll read up on it.


Peter HeinickeCEOAuthor Commented:
This caused me to look in the right area and I was then able to figure it our from there.

Glad you sorted it! :)
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