Can't open scanned document when broken up into 2 PDF's

When I scan a large color document on the color printer, the PDFs that are sent to me via Email can not be opened. The error message indicates it is not a supported file type. This only occurs when the scanner breaks the file into a number of Emails.  The name of the files that come in are Part.000
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this appears to be an issue with how your scanner handles documents not a PDF or Acrobat issue. The .000 extension suggests that the scanner splits the PDF up into 2 prts rather than 2 pdfs, e.g. you will have to reassemble these into one PDF to open.

I strongly believe that this is not possible without some tool that came with the scanner so would not bother trying. Instead, have a look at the scanner itself and see what settings are available for handling PDFs.

Have a look at the combined size of all your parts it will give you an idea of what size the curent split size is set.

Are there any size limits settings or suggested settings to split a file if it exceeds files size x?
Once you found the settings relating to file handling try to adjust it to a larger size and see if the problem persists.


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The captain is right, I have a Ricoh that does exactly that. As suggested, check the size limits for scanning documents.
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