Upgrading connectivity to sites, remote DC's still necessary?

We currently run an AD2003 domain, two DC's on our main campus and a DC at each of two remote sites (configured as Sites in AD as well), currently connected via T1's. There is talk of some reorganization of the remote sites, the end result being physical movement of the remote locations, and the possibility of upgrading our connectivity to these sites to a 10 meg connection.

My question is: In your opinion/experience, would such an upgrade in connection speed still necessitate a remote DC and keeping them configured as a Site? Or would I be able to "roll in" these remote locations to the main campus LAN/DC's?
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tgtranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you already have DC in remote sites, leave them there.  There are benefits such as enable users to login and continue working when the WAN link goes down, not having to deal with remote users connection problems after consolidation...

However, if you want to re-purpose remote DC and simplify the network topology, 10M WAN connection is as fast as LAN, so you can reign in those wayward DC and rebuild them into servers for other purposes.
Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
it all depends on the number of people per site...and if you already have hardware that can support the DC role then the simply answer is yes, keep them as DC's per site - it provides you with a failsafe if your WAN links are down and keeps unneded traffic off the network links - all local authentication etc etc...much better way, i would have a DC in every site if i could
mvogtsAuthor Commented:
The number of users would be relatively small compared to our main campus, the existing main campus DC's could easily absorb authentication duties for these users, and other uses of the WAN link (file sharing, etc) would be relatively light. But you both bring up excellent points; we've already got the hardware so why not use it, as no, we don't really have a burning desire to reclaim the servers or anything like that.
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