Audio input IP video server

I've bought an IP Video Server, where I can connect my Wireless cams and track them over the internet, it comes also with a Audio Input "port", where i plug my cam output cable, however it doesn't seen to work; I can watch what the cam is broadcasting, but I hear a strange noise, however I plug that audio output (from my cam) to my TV and i hear it perfectly, so the cam is working and the problem is in the server.

What can be going wrong?

This is the product:

And this is a picture of the Audio interface of this product (i use DOT instead of "." to avoid bots indexing this domain)

http://www _D0T casal _D0T as/files/ipcam_audio.JPG
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi axtur, just some ideas only sorry as this is out of my experience range but having hooked up many computers to TV, normal cam corders to computers will venture to help if I can.
You may need to check if it is sending a mono signal or trying to send a stereo signal.

What exactly is the model
Is this similar to your ip server

it comes also with a Audio Input "port
where i plug my cam output cable,
so the cam is recording audio with video to the ip server how are you receiving/capturing the audio and video signal  from the ip server to >>a computer, PVR?
The fact that you >>audio output (from my cam) to my TV and I hear it perfectly,<< check that you have the direction correct,  using only mono and the out is going to in.
what happens if you can connect the camera directly to the line in on the computer?

 there is three plugs on the rear of the tower one is for line one for mic and one for speakers.
the audio would have to be mono probably, single audio input cable  with an ethernet cable?
If your using wireless could be interference?
Airconditiong printers faxes? aother radio frequencies.

Also sounds like a driver issue do you have the latest drivers for your sound card?
What is your sound card?
The PVR may have to be tuned to receive the signal
check the audio settings in the master VOL on the task bar you may have reduce the wav volume , what do you see in the master volume? line in / MIC
Open the options in the master volume then properties recording, check the listed sources, check OTHER and also  playback.
Is your default sound card listed in the device?
With capture cards or PVR  they install their own audio drivers in the device manager under sounds video and games
Can see them listed there for your ip server or the PVR it uses?
axturAuthor Commented:
Hi, thank you for your reply!

My sound card is working perfectly.

There can't be any interferences since, when i plug the Radio AV Receive to my TV works OK (audio and video) but when i plug it to the server it works only the vid! :S

Its just so strange. There must be some setting i dont know:

Here are the pictures of all the devices (they are unplugged just for the pic :) ):

http://www.casal DOT as/img/pic1.jpg
http://www.casal DOT as/img/pic2.jpg
http://www.casal DOT as/img/pic3.jpg
http://www.casal DOT as/img/pic4.jpg
Sorry those links dont work, may I suggest you use our attach file below the post a comment box,
What was the solution?

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axturAuthor Commented:
Hi, thank you for the follow-up

The solution was just as stupid as the manufacturer of the device, the audio input would admit a jack instead of a RCA!! This server is intended for wireless video/audio cams, that have only RCA outputs, however the audio input would only admit jack connectors... Even though in the pictures of the box, there as a RCA plugged to the server :S
Priceless, thanks for the coming back I think they just have automated printed directions covers all.... lol.
Glad to see it was a simple solution good job
I've got one of these - have not used the audio yet. I think they're pretty good, but as you say, tech info is pretty awful!
Thanks for the tip!!!
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