How do I create a templatefield column in a gridview that displays a value of "Yes" or "No"?

I need to create a templatefield column that displays either "Yes" or "No" depending on the value of a field (column) from a SQL command.  The SQL code begins: "SELECT [C_Code]..." and I need to display "Yes" if [C_Code] = -1 and "No" if [C_Code] = 0.  I also thought of creating some sort of eval field inside in the SQL command.
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SQL_SERVER_DBAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SELECT CASE WHEN C_Code = -1 THEN 'Yes' ELSE 'No' End FROM tablename
cmhuntyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As above or if you want to do the processing in ASP.NET, you need to create a function which takes in the value from the database and returns yes/no. You can then call this from the templatefield.
lapfcu_issupportAuthor Commented:
lapfcu_issupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks, for the suggestions.  I ended up changing the templatefield's code so that a black "Yes" displays when the field equals -1 else display a bold red "No" .
<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Is Active" >
      <%#IIf((Eval("P_Active") = -1), "Yes", "<b><font color='red'>No</font></b>")%>

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