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All of a sudden, our BES has stopped forwarding e-mail.  This happened last night, and a simple reboot of the server resolved the issue.  Today, the same thing has happened, and a restart did not fix the issue.  I received two or three e-mails after the restart, but that was it.  Now, I'm back to no longer receiving any e-mail.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thank you.

P.S. Not really sure where to list this on the site, so...
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monorail1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Over the weekend (2/9 - 2/10) there was preventative maintenance done on RIM's SRP network. On Monday 02/11 at around 3:15pm EST to 6:30pm EST there was a RIM outage resulting in exactly those error messages you were seeing. So both outages you experienced can be attributed to RIM's maintenance & resulting outage.

jmg999Author Commented:
This is an error I'm seeing in the event viewer:

[SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:S18373415:00edfd58] Relay Ping Response not received

[SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:S18373415:00edfd58] Too many relay ping failures - dropping connection. Failures: 10

jmg999Author Commented:
Issue resolved - please close
Who is your service provider? There has been a RIM network infrastructure outage going on just recently that affects blackberry service for almost all providers in the americas. Call yor wireless service provider to find out whether they are affected by the outage.
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