IE Auto Detect Settings for Proxy server slows browser down


We just implemented a proxy server (squid). We have an Active Directory GP applied against an OU that forces the IE browser to use Auto Detect Settings. Since we cut-over we have a lot of complaints about slow performance. However, when users manually enter the proxy information, the performance increases dramatically. Obviously we want the Auto Detect users to have the same level of performance.

I'm not the lead on this so I might be leaving out some key info. Any insight would be appreciated. We don't want to turn this off just yet but we have to do something soon. Turning off Auto Detect and having everyone manually enter the proxy won't work because we have a lot of mobile users and we can't have them changing that info by hand all of the time.

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HighTechGeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Auto Detect will always be much slower than manually entering the information. Auto Detect is just that. It will automatically scan for the connection and it will take time to do that (a long time, as you have seen). When the settings are manually entered, no scan is performed because no scan is needed.

Here is a link I found of someone that created a script that would enable the proxy when they were connected at work and not when they were away. Perhaps something like this may help you.
lucado01Author Commented:

Will give this a shot and let you know how it goes. Thanks for the info.
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