Update MySQL error: mysql_fetch_row(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource

This is a page where I edit content from the database. And when I push the edit button: btn-edit I get this error:
Warning: mysql_fetch_row(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/monstera.se/httpdocs/admin/edit_promotor.php on line 31

I cut and paste this code from another update page I built and there it works on that database table.
Can it be the encoding or something that is wrong or the header("location: playlist.php"); is wrong?

	if(!isset($_SESSION['userid'])) header('location: index.php');
	$id = @$_GET['id'];
	if(isset($_POST['btn-edit'])) {
		$club_name			= ($_POST['club_name']);
		$pro_name			= ($_POST['pro_name']);
		$pro_address		= ($_POST['pro_address']);
		$pro_postnr			= ($_POST['pro_postnr']);
		$pro_contact		= ($_POST['pro_contact']);
		$pro_tel			= ($_POST['pro_tel']);
		$pro_mail			= ($_POST['pro_mail']);
		$pro_web			= ($_POST['pro_web']);
		$pro_vat			= ($_POST['pro_vat']);
		$pro_orgnr			= ($_POST['pro_orgnr']);
		$capacity			= ($_POST['capacity']);
		$pro_city			= ($_POST['pro_city']);
		if(@mysql_query("UPDATE venue SET club_name '$club_name', pro_name = '$pro_name', pro_address ='$pro_address', pro_postnr = '$pro_postnr', pro_contact = '$pro_contact', pro_tel = '$pro_tel', pro_mail = '$pro_mail', pro_web = '$pro_web', pro_vat = '$pro_vat', pro_org = '$pro_org', capacity = '$capacity', pro_city = '$pro_city' WHERE id = $id;")) {
			header("location: playlist.php");
	$sql = "SELECT club_name, pro_name, pro_address, pro_postnr, pro_contact, pro_tel, pro_mail, pro_web, pro_vat, pro_org, capacity, pro_city FROM venue WHERE id = $id";
	$rows = mysql_query($sql);
	while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($rows)){
		$club_name			= $row[0];
		$pro_name			= $row[1];
		$pro_address		= $row[2];
		$pro_postnr			= $row[3];
		$pro_contact		= $row[4];
		$pro_tel			= $row[5];
		$pro_mail			= $row[6];
		$pro_web			= $row[7];
		$pro_vat			= $row[8];
		$pro_org			= $row[9];
		$capacity			= $row[10];
		$pro_city			= $row[11];

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Cornelia YoderConnect With a Mentor ArtistCommented:
Most likely, your connection to the database is wrong.

Follow the query with this:

echo mysql_error();

That will tell you more precisely what the problem is.
darron_chapmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SET club_name '$club_name',

should be
SET club_name='$club_name',
it is really a bad idea to develop your application while suppressing errors !
@mysql_query and not using or die to print error message, this way, you will never know what's wrong
stalbergparAuthor Commented:
Solved it! Tnx !

It was a combination of things not just the club_name =...

And yes the code I posted was just a desperate cut and paste from another working application...
This is how the sql query is looking right now with a die print... and this is what I use...

if(@mysql_query($sql)) {
			header("location: playlist.php");
		} else {

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Cornelia YoderArtistCommented:
And while you're at it, fix this!!  This leaves you WIDE OPEN to SQL Injection hacking!!!

$id = @$_GET['id'];

@mysql_query("UPDATE venue SET .....WHERE id = $id;"))

If you don't know what SQL Injection hacking is, google it and do some reading until you understand, then use something like mysql_real_escape_string() to protect yourself.
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