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How do I replace/repair riched20.dll in Windows Vista?

Recently, I've been receiving all kinds of error messages regarding the riched20.dll file in the c:\windows\system32 directory.  I want to repair/replace it, but Windows Vista will not let me rename or move the file even with administrator permission.

One recent error when trying to run a nVidia Forceware driver upgrade I get is "The procedure entry point RichEdit10ANSIWndProc could not be located in the dynamic link library RICHED20.dll."

I also try to unregister the .dll but it won't let me do that telling me it can't find the entry point.  I've Googled this to death and can't find a fix.  Please help!!

1 Solution
Do a system restore
you might want to reboot in the Safe mode (press F8 while booting) and try to replace the file (or boot into another OS if you have dual-boot).

you can get the file from many sites, just google "RICHED20.dll download" and pick a site that's free.

System Restore is also worth a try, assuming that you know the approximate date this problem started happening.
elronAuthor Commented:
Interestingly, I was unable to change, delete or move the files even when I rebooted into my other partition with WindowsXP.  The files were STILL locked.

I found a solution from the how-to geek, however and this is very useful for anyone needing to change a system file in Windows Vista.

Start a DOS console as administrator and perform the following.

First, you need to take ownership of the file:

takeown /f <filename>

You then need to give yourself full access to the file:

cacls <filename> /G <username>:F
where the username is your login name

Now you should be able to move or copy the file as needed, and it solved my problem.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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