P72-00001 vs. P72-00818 License

An earlier discussion of eBay resellers selling Win2003 Enterprise copies centered around sales of "NFR" (Not For Resale) copies, which is clearly illegal.  However, there are copies of Win2003 Enterprise P72-00818 being offered for sale that the sellers claim were promotional copies that have no resale restriction nor are time-limited or function limited licenses.  The only difference seems to be the part number P72-00001 vs. P72-00818.

I am planning on running multiple instances of guest OS's under VMWare, and as such I'm running my memory up to 6GB and may go all the way to the 12 GB that my Dell PE 2650 will accept.  My use is for development and test, not production operation, so I plan to use VMWare Workstation rather than VMWare Server, which I realize comes in a Linux version that supports extended memory, but at $2500 I think I'll go with Win2003 Enterprise and Workstation.

Note that I realize that these are not R2, but I don't need R2, only the extended memory available under Enterprise..  Release 1 is fine with me.  
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R2 comes with SP1 and some extra stuff in CD2 which in real you can get for normal versions as well....

in any case if you install SP2 it will be the same...

i m using standard edition one is R1 and one is R2 and i havent seen any major difference between them...

read some FAQs on this topic


and you can decide which one you want...

and one more thing i wont buy a server software from ebay... doesnt matter what they... but its you choice :)
donestesAuthor Commented:
But do you know whether P72-00818 is a full license or is unrestricted?  I am told that P72-00001 is the OEM version and P72-00818 is the regular store boxed version.

I don't see the problem with buying on eBay if it is legitimate.  How is that different from buying from any other reseller on the web?  I can go to a couple of different resellers and get a copy for $730.  If I can get it from a reseller at auction and it is a sealed box, I don't see a difference.  However, I grant you that some of the resellers will - deliberately or otherwise - try to resell a used copy or a not for resale copy, but I won't buy from them.  I check them out first.
P72-00818 is retail version and licensed for 25 users

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part number P72-00001 is coming under vietnam... make sure you can use it... best is to call microsoft...
P72-00001 is coming under full version for 25 CALs as well...
how did your purchase go?

To be honest, I think MS-license are ridiculous.(over priced to say atleast...)
I mean when you own one server, and run many guests under that physical hardware, my personal opinoun is that you should be able to run as many copies of for example win2003 standard edition if you got one license for one full retail win2003 standard edition....

anyway... if you look at the sticker on top of the box on an auction, where you can see the product number, should't it say something in the product number or anywhere there that it's a "not for sale"-version?
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