How do I use rsync to copy all partitions from one linux box to another linux box.

I have one linux box[prod-server] which is running red hat enterprise linux 4.5 and another laptop which is running redhat enterprise linux3.8[backup-server]. I have similar partitions on both the boxes except that the partition sizes on the laptop is much higher. I want to copy everything from the prod-server to the backup server using rsync. 1 How can I setup a cronjob to do this everyday. 2. What files or folders should NOT be copied (for example the IP address information is different on both machines). How can I accomplish this.
Please be very specific as to what I have to do on the prod-server and on the backup-server. Both the servers are on the same network.
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ahoffmannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
rsync -Haloptuvrz /mnt/partition remote-hoste:/rsynced-data
aspnetdevAuthor Commented:
how can I copy all the partitions in one shot using rsync? What happens if a file is open on the server which is being copied?
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