Backup a MAC to a Windows Server, Possible?

We are looking to purchase a PowerEdge server running Windows Server 2003 and using Symantec BackupExec software.  This is to prepare a Disaster Recovery solution for our PC-based computers and servers.

But, we also need to backup our MAC computers too.  In essence, we want to backup the MAC computers to the disk drives on this server (somehow), and we want to backup the disks containing the MAC backup data to tapes using Symantec BackupExec. (somehow).

Basically, we need some solution that will backup a MAC to PC-based system and then to tape for off-site storage.

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Well, the backup to your PC disks is no problem. Just format a desired partition size as fat32. If the Macs are running Leopard, then just point Time machine at the fat partition and it will manage it automatically. If they are tiger or earlier then you will need an aftermarket Mac app to do auto backups.
The tape is trickier. Apple has never released an enterprise scale backup APP. Aftermarket ones also languished for years in terms of ease of use, scriptability etc. Read the following article for some options.
bbuseAuthor Commented:

if it is backing up to fat or fat32, wouldn't symantec backup exec handle backing it up?

Not a MAC guy, but I would think that if I could get the files and all the MAC "metadata" information to the server's hard drive, then Backup exec would handle the backup to tapes?
You may run into the maximum 4 Gig file size limit with FAT32, though.
One possibility might be to install MacFuse:  to allow the Mac to write to an NFTS volume (assuming this functionality is not included in the upcoming update to Leopard), then use one of the OS X backup programs to back up the Mac to a disk image. Then use Symantec to back up the disk image to tape.

I am not sure if you have any agent to backup MAC from backupexec. but If you have CA ARCserve backup installed you can install the client agent for MAC os X and run the backups to a disk or to a tape. Or you can backup the data to a disk and if required you can migrate that data to tape for moving the tape to off-site location.

DR of MAC or rather any OS other than Windows is not a easy thing. What you can certainly do in case of a MAC os is to back up the files and restore them. System level files cannot be overwritten in run time.

Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Symantec BackupExec HAS a Mac client/agent ..

Several of the respondents have made this issue far too complicated .. it is much simpler than you think.

The Mac does NOT need anything like MacFuse or FAT32 partitions.

The 2 main choices are
1. Use the Symantec Client on OSX to perform backups it will work similarly to the clients on your Windows PCs

2. Perform a clone or disk image of the Mac to a network share (i.e. located on the server) and then backup this file to a tape drive connected to your Windows server..  To do this I'd recommend Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper!. Both of which can create perfect disk images and clones of the Macs and save them on a network drive.  They can repeat the backup on a schedule if required.

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you know
I thought of superduper and ccc first but neither support tape. You could use either to push an image to the server disk but not directly to tape.
but you are right about the the mac/client agent though. I never gave much thought to that. Norton so burned its Mac reputation in my mind that I stooped even considering it as a Mac vender anymore. It would be nice to get them back but they have had a horrible track record for a long time now of really screwing up Mac directory structures with other products.
Retrospect doesn't currently support Leopard but an update is expected soon.

another possibility is netvault
BRu has had bad reports with intel macs Here is a forum of issues with symantech Overall, though, there are nowhere near the number of complaints I half expected. Maybe symantech is back for Mac in this niche at least.
bbuseAuthor Commented:
The agent for Symantec is approx $250 per MAC, which isn't bad for us.  We only have 3 MACs, and I have a good budget to work with.  

But, it could be costly to others.  If I had a large number of MACs, I would probably backup all of the MAC desktops to a single MAC server, and then use the symantec agent to backup that MAC server on a nightly basis.  
The downside would be that it requires a two step process to restore and backup a MAC desktop.
I just tripped across this product:

I wonder if it would solve your problem.
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