Cisco 1800 vpn - removing access.

Hi, how can I stop users which currently have access to our cisco 1800 series vpn router. I cannot find any command to show me the current users configured, I can see the persons  ip address is allowed in an access list but can I just remnove the vpn account from the router?
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rjgonzaleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if the users are local run this

in administration enabled mode

show running-config | include username

there you will see something like:

username xxx password 7 106D5D175105435F59
username yyy privilege 15 password 7 060F19704A600E4458

just do this:
conf t
no username xxx

and user xx will be deleted

If the user is using any external server for authentication, you will have to tell me which one to try to help you

really depends on how its has been setup, do you know if you have a radius server?
Or would the usernames be locally set?
If locally set, just remove the user account from within the router.
do a 'show user' command too see all the users on it.
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