After changing default password, new password is not accepted.

Default password for Belkin Wreless router is blank. If I change, and log back in, new password doesn't work. I have to reset to factory defaults.

There is a  Westel Modem that the Belkin uplinks to. The password for that modem also didn't work.

There was another user involved, so I figured he must have just forgot the password or someone else changed it. He insisted otherwise.

After factory defaults and power cycle, logged in and set new password. After refreshing, then logging in with new credentials, no go, would not accept new password or factory default.

What could be the problem?
 - The old settings allowed for remote admin (from wan) so I suspected some type of flood protect from hack kit or trojan.

Just a guess, has anyone encountered this issue before?

Thanks for your time.
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briancassinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not sure what you are using as a password but certain characters do not work with wireless routers such as %*(). If you are using a strong password try using a standard password that is just lowercase letters temporarily to see if it is a problem with the password you are using.  I would also try typing that same password into notepad and making sure you do not have a key on the keyboard sticking inadvertently or the num lock is off.

IF they both are having problems after assigning passwords that would be the first things I do... If it is just the belkin router try above and then if that doesn't work you may want to download the latest firmware for it

The number you provided is not a model number it is a c-tick mark (n10117)

Also when setting up the password I am assuming you are using a computer directly connected to the router and that your firewall on that PC is turned off during the configuration of the router... If not you may want to disable the firewall on the PC you are using to access the router with

firmware is here
cptnem0Author Commented:
Thanks Brian,

Yes, I did have the same thought process and typed the password out in notepad, copied and pasted etc. Also used a simple lower case password that had 8 valid alpha characters.

The system was connected via cat5 to a switch that was up linked to router. I wouldn't think that would cause a problem to password throughput, but is worth bypassing to isolate issue.

Firewall was disabled and we attempted to login from different locations in case there was a session issue (also cleared cache).

Disregard the model number, Im on IM with user who is on site. Ill try to get the correct M#..

I think your firmware suggestion might be the answer. Ill let you know.

Thanks for you time...

no problem keep me posted
cptnem0Author Commented:

After upgrading firmware, no more problem.

excellent glad I could help :)
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