How to prevent VS2008 from converting version project?

My System:
Visual Studio 2008

Steps I took:
1 - create a new project > outlook 2003 Add-in
2 - add a MessageBox.Show("test") in the Add-in
3 - Save and install the Add-in --- sure enough it works.
3 - Save and close the solution
4 - Reopen the solution in Visual Studio 2008

When I open the solution i get the "Welcome to the Visual Studio Conversation Wizard". it tells me that "The project or solution was created on a previous version and that I must convert"

When I convert, My Add-in fails to load and gives me an error : "The customization assembly associated with this document could not be loaded.  The application manifest might be corrupted.  You can still edit and save the document.  Contact your administrator or the author of this document for further assistance".

My Question is: How do I stop Visual Studio from converting my project which was originally working?
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digitalZoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Someone venting on the conversion wizard. Seems like there's no utility to disable it.

I just came across this. Not sure how helpful it would be:
rexposadasAuthor Commented:
Looks like I found something:

I added an existing project called "SetSecurity" its in the samples files under VS205. Maybe that's why it's trying to convert it?  well, that conversation breaks.

Does anyone know if the SetSecurity sample project is available un VS2008?  Or if this is even the cause of my problems?

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Alexandre SimõesManager / Technology SpecialistCommented:

I don't have any problems with my conversions.
In fact, I kept the compilation to .net 2.0 in most of them.

From what I could see from the SVN the conversion changed come things on my DataSets but no breaking changes.

Are you keeping the compilation framework to .net 2.0?
rexposadasAuthor Commented:
thanks digitalZo for that link.. it's very useful.  but it didn't address the error i am getting.

and AlexCode, i tried targeting both framework 2.0 and 3.5.

still - i haven't found the solution to the problem.  

but thanks for the feedback.
rexposadasAuthor Commented:
i ended up working off of VS2005.. just to avoid the.
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