Adobe Reader unable to print under Windows Vista

Running Adobe Reader 8.1.2 on Windows Vista.

When attempting to print the printer dialog box appears, then when print is clicked the following message appears: "Unable to start print job. Is printer available?"

Other applications can print to the same printer fine.

Have uninstalled/reinstalled current version of Reader.
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captainConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Did you upgrade from a previous Reader installation?

The only logical explanation could be different printer settings in cached Adobe installation files.

Do another uninstall/re-install.

When you uninstall, run through the uninstallation and afterwards delete all files in the sections mentioned in this kb:

then reinstall using the latest download, right click exe and 'Run as Administrator' to install.

some possibilities :

from this page :
I've had the same problem with Adobe Reader 8. After the installation was succesfull, you have to manually open Adobe Reader (from the Start Menu or WinExplorer), to finish the installation. Before that, I was opening Reader by clicking on PDF files, and it seemed fully functional, but I couldn't print any PDF files. After I've started the Reader, it finished the installation process, and I've had no problems printing since.
Can have a try to restart the printer, then try to reprint again ....... Also, make sure you choose the correct printer to print to ......
>> Can have a try to restart the printer

Opps ...... I mean restart the PC that connected to the printer ......
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