What is the best / easiest way to clone a Dell server

We have a Dell Power Edge 2650 server with a raid 5 array running Windows 2003 server.  This server acts as a Citrix server.  I have been running it for about 1 month and have it running like a champ with 25 users connected to it.  

An identical PE 2650 has become available for me.  What is the best / easiest to use software to duplicate/image this server onto the new hardware that has become available?  I want to duplicate the partitioning, the programs and all the tweaks that I have done to this server and add it as a second server in the citrix farm.  I am aware of Gohst and Altiris.  Are there others?

What is the best and easisiest to use.  Please be specific with with pros and cons and exactly what version of the software.  I would like to keep pricepoint under $500 if possible.  I do not need all of the bells and whistles, just an easy way to duplicate this server onto an identical piece of hardware and change the name and ip address...

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Ian MeredithConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Chadd25,

Acronis True Image Server for Windows is a product I would recommend.  

It'll give you the ability to image windows (RAID) whilst running the Windows OS.

Hope this helps,

Under 500 bucks that I think you can get a Acronis Disk Director or Norton Ghost Solution Suite 2.0 which are for server type. You can however, use whatever you already have to make an image and install that image on new system.
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