Need rsync retry for "Corrupted MAC on input" error.

I'm trying to rsync an entire server. I'm using this command:
    rsync -avz -e ssh USERNAME@HOST:/ .
It'll run for a while and then it'll fail with "Corrupted MAC on input" after having downloaded gigabytes of data.

I've searched around for this error and every result says that it's a hardware error. Ok, so be it. But, it clearly works for gigabytes of data before failing and when I ran it a second time it succeeded in going over the old data and then downloading anouther 8 GB before failing again. Is there an rsync switch which will tell it to simply retry when it encounters an error like this?

I want to leave this running overnight to finish, but if I need to rerun the command every few hours then it'll take forever for the entire rsync to finish.

I suppose I could put it in a batch file inside of a loop that just keeps rerunning the command, but that hardly seems like a great idea. It'd also not ever let me know when it was completely finished. (Although I suppose I could guess that it was simply by looking at the total size of the data that was downloaded.)

If it helps, "rsync --version" returned that it was rsync 2.6.3 protocol version 28.
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ravenplConnect With a Mentor Commented:
> It'd also not ever let me know when it was completely finished.

while [ $RETV -ne 0 ]; do
 the rsync command

I think it's Your only workaround so far.
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