Date format in parameter

In my report I am filtering results depending on a date, I have the default language of my report set to en-AU, however my parameters fail to recognise a date such as 27/11/2007 and displays an error message, however if I change the date to 11/27/2007 it filters the results correctly.

The actual date which appears in my results is formatted correctly, and as soon as I run the report it switches the entry in the parameter field to the right format as well.

Is there anything I can do to rectify the format in the parameter value?
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AWSHelpdeskAuthor Commented:
This is similar to my issue, and I am already using this line to format the date parameter after the report is run in a text box at the top of the report, and it works fine;

= IIF(Format(Parameters!sale_date.Value,"dd/MM/yyyy")<>"","Sales by Agent for " & Format(Parameters!sale_date.Value,"dd/MM/yyyy"),"")

But the issue comes when I type for example 27/11/2007 (dd/MM/yyyy format) into the date parameter field and it errors. but if i type 11/27/2007 it runs the report fine and automatically switches the date to 27/11/2007 in the parameter field?
i think you would have to set your parameter to string then convert it to date/time.

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The format is controlled by the server settings. If you change your SQL Server instance to be en-AU then the date parameters will all show correctly.
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