Filemaker Pro v7 - Report Body over several pages

I'm an old hand with Microsoft Access but I've recently aquired a customer who uses Filemaker Pro (v7) and I'm having some trouble that seems pretty basic to me...

I have a report with a Header, Body and Footer.

The Body contains a Merge Field that contains a number of fields that can range in size from less than 1 page to more than 3.

In Access there are "Can Grow" and "Can Shrink" settings that allow the expansion and contraction of a control based on the amount of data in the field.

In Filemaker I can only seem to increase the control size to the maximum possible size (i.e. 4 pages) but then smaller quotes have several extra blank pages.

I'm probably not  explaining myself very well so hopefully someone can understand what I'm after...
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lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
filemaker is different, you must extend the text block containing to the size required for the biggest content, ie 3 pages high, then set it to shrink. the other way 'can grow' does not exit.
this is done by:
select object
format > set sliding/printing > sliding up based on + check "also reduce the size"
syntax is maybe slightly different in v7, this is the synatx in the current version v9
jfrentAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  That looks like it should do the trick.
jfrentAuthor Commented:
BTW: Exactly the same in v7
ok, perfect.
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