how to delete cookies from internet explorer 7.0 automatically when browser is closed?

hello everyone!!!!!!!!

I am having a big problem with my clients. They are sharing computers to
view their paychex from single computer and the problem is if one user logs
off by visiting and second user logs in back with his own
username and password credentials still he can only see the first user's
paychex info.

We are using DELL make computer and windows xp professional as OS with
Internet Explorer 7.0 browser.
I checked online for this problem but i cannot found any real help.
CLOSED" Advanced setup of IEXPLORER  but it seems not working.
I also set up browsing history to 0 days with above setting but it still
giving me a lot problem.
I want automated solution to delete cookies when browser is cloded so when
one user logs into paychex he cannot see other user paychex details.

If anyone has faced same problem or if you have nayother idea which can help
me in this i would definately appreciate all your suggestions.

Thanks for your time and efforts well in advance.

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Go to tools, Internet Options, then click on advanced go down till you see security and put a tick in where you see "Empty Temporary Internet Files Folder When Browser Is Closed" Then click ok
Whoops, I am sorry, I didn't read fully.
Hello shitbhar,

You can use a third party program like MIL Shield.  It has a free trial

Hope this helps!
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I use firefox for that reason.  You can set it to clear all browsing history when closing and it really does work.  It's even more customizable than just clear them all too.
Mark BradyPrincipal Data EngineerCommented:
I use IE version 7 and don't have browser hijacker problems.  Why not use a free cookie killer like Xoftspyse.  You can get it from the link below and it does a great job of finding these cookies and temp files in registry keys that hack your system.
Perhaps you could block the cookies.
Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Sites
Type in the websites domain and click block.
Of course this is no help if the site requires the use of cookies, but it might be worth testing.
shitbharAuthor Commented:
Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all your time and quicker reply.
Actually i want the automated cookie cleaner when browser is i do not have to remember or run schedule and it is not going to work in my case.

If you know any such utility that is added to IE 7.0  and it works with it that is fine but the seprate program is not goingto work for me.

I just wonder even though there is one setting in Advanced option under security that " CLEAN TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES FOLDER WHEN BROWSER IS CLOSED" why it is not working.Do anybody knows how to set thisoption. Even though i have checked this option but i donot have any results.

Try toggling the setting, " CLEAN TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES FOLDER WHEN BROWSER IS CLOSED". Turn it off. Save Change. Restart browser. Turn it on. Save change. Restart browser.

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Marc ZCommented:

IE7Pro has that functionality in it's programming options.
It has a Privacy setting that you can set to "Enable AutoClear on exiting of IE" which you can then customize to "Clear Auto-complete forms" and "Passwords" and more importantly "Cookies"

Version 2.0 has the Privacy settings.
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