citrix presentation server 4.0 User cannot save file to his local drive

hi ,
i have  farm with two presentation servers 4.0 (server A and Server B).  I have user A who is connected to server A via web interface and has downloaded a file and can save it to his local drive on his local machine whereas user b conected to server B cannot do this.
Any ideas ?
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Craig RoberdsConnect With a Mentor MISCommented:
I am guessing that user B did not allow access when they first logged into the server when the popup window asking for permissions came up.

This is set in the webica.ini file which will be in the local users profile, which depending on which version of the client you have will be either in the Windows folder or the <username>\Application Data\Ica Client of whereever you keep your user profiles for citrix.  If you haven't set up anything it will be in the Documents and Settings\<username> of the actual citrix server.

You need to open up the .ini file and change the GlobalSecurityAccess=405

More info here and you can follow the other links:
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