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Digicert Wildcard SSL with existing 6.5 tree

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Last Modified: 2013-11-12
I recently took over a couple of NetWare 6.5 servers at a new employer. As I'm sure most are aware by now, with IE7 I get the security certificate error for all SSL pages on these servers. The main issue that bothers most people is the error when trying to access the WebAccess server for GroupWise email.
We recently purchased wildcard SSL certificates from Digicert and I tried to follow the instructions provided by Digicert but I think I need help with the OrganizationalCA in our tree. I'm very "green" when it comes to implementing security certificates in a Novell tree.
I'm very good at following directions if someone can lead me through, or to, a step-by-step guide to replacing existing certificates. This is my first EE post so please let me know what other information is needed.
My thanks in advance.
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This TID runs through the procedure of using externally signed certificates with Netware/eDirectory. You shouldn't need to butcher the CA particularly, just get the new certs into the tree, then configure Apache to load those certs for SSL instead of the self-signed certs.


IE7 is rather meodramatic about the whole affair, after all it's not an error, it's simply a notification that the cert hasn't been signed by a recognised certificate authority. In fact IE7 is rather lame at a lot of things, which is why we banned it from all 5000 of our desktops. Doesn't help with home PCs at the mercy of Windoze Update though unfortunately, which is your issue I guess.

"... IE7 is rather lame at a lot of things, which is why we banned it from all 5000 of our desktops."

Yeah, we did much the same, standardizing on the latest Firefox.  I just wish it was more easily centrally-configurable - in its own right, not by something like Zen.


I've walked into an environment with a very messed up NetWare environment. eDirectory is not stable. I found this tid before posting to EE so in a smooth environment it probably would have worked. However, I need to rebuild the tree before moving any further with this. Thank you for the link and I apologize for the delay in responding; I just haven't been able to get it to work. I'll deal with it over the summer.

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