Problems joining a domain over a site to site VPN

I am connecting the HQ office of a client to a server hosted in a colo facility. I have a site to site VPN setup between two Netscreen appliances, and my server is set to connect to the DNS servers back in the home office. I have added my DNS Zones, and I can ping the servers in the home office from the remote server by both name and ip address.

However I still cannot join the domain, which is the final step in getting everything talking successfully. If anyone has any thoughts on this issue I would be very interested.

I have attached a text file with the error message.

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Don S.Commented:
are you passing all protocols through the VPN?
When you say you can't join the domain, do you mean the server or do you mean the client??  Is the dns server in the remote office already on the domain at the main office??  When you ping the main office are your responses as FQDNs (eg. server.domain.local) or as NetBIOS (eg SERVER)??

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Amit BhatnagarTechnology Consultant - SecurityCommented:
The Domain that you are trying to be a part of, is it a single label Domain or a proper FQDN like with a .com, .org etc.? Also, when you try and join, do you provide the complete FQDN of the Domain...As in or do you just provide the Netbios name?

Would it be possible for you to provide the IPconfig /all of the DC/DNS and the Server that you are trying to join to the Domain?
hmmm i cant even seem to get my SITE TO SITE VPN OPEN

i put in the field member of domain amtec.local  on the client machine

it gives me the prompt for username and password but it says it cant be contacted and thats only if i put a DNS server of   which is the DC

i can ping amtec.local fine but it would let me authenticate my pc on the domain at teh remote VPN SITE ..

THanks ;)
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