adds commas seperator in javascript

window.document.getElementById('<%=product_Price.ClientID %>').value = "$" +(parseFloat(t5) * parseFloat(t1)).toFixed(2) ;
How can I display the value returned from above as $8,000.45
Currently it returns the value as $8000.45

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I've always used a function called FloatToDollarString, I'll post that up right now, it basically is a loop that adds a comma every 3 spaces after the decimal until the end of the string.
function FloatToDollarString(flt) {
	// round off to nearest dollar
	var str = "" + Math.round(flt)
	// add commas
	pos = str.length;  // str.indexOf(".");
	pos -= 4;
	while(pos >= 0) {
		str = str.substring(0,pos+1) + "," + str.substring(pos+1, str.length);
		pos -= 3;
	return str;

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PNKJAuthor Commented:
Thanks but I cannot figure out how to add this to the following.
window.document.getElementById('<%=product_Price.ClientID %>').value = "$" +(parseFloat(t5) * parseFloat(t1)).toFixed(2) ;
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
window.document.getElementById('<%=product_Price.ClientID %>').value = "$" +FloatToDollarString((parseFloat(t5) * parseFloat(t1)).toFixed(2)) ;
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PNKJAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot  mplungjan but i found the solution and it works fine. i tried to use ur solution but it expects an object
function addCommas(val) {
    var regEx = /(\d+)(\d{3})/;
    while (regEx.test(val)) {
        val = val.replace(regEx, '$1' + ',' + '$2');
    return val;

window.document.getElementById('<%=product_Price.ClientID %>').value = "$" +addCommas((parseFloat(t5) * parseFloat(t1)).toFixed(2)) ;

How can i close this question?
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
You can click the delete question.
I have a comment though: You post a solution which is identical to mine except you used another script than the one suggested by Ryan.

The suggestion I made of course assumes you ALSO added the function FloatToDollarString to your page

If you look at the call

FloatToDollarString((parseFloat(t5) * parseFloat(t1)).toFixed(2))

you will see it is exactly the same as

addCommas((parseFloat(t5) * parseFloat(t1)).toFixed(2))

just a different function is called - your addComma is a better script since it does not cut the decimals but that is not relevant to my previous comment.

PNKJAuthor Commented:
mplungjan:  I did try your FloatToDollarString((parseFloat(t5) * parseFloat(t1)).toFixed(2))
but it didnot work before i added addCommas((parseFloat(t5) * parseFloat(t1)).toFixed(2))
could be some other reason that FloatToDollarString didnot work for me. I think it was expecting the object that is the error I was getting.
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
Yes it of course expected the
function FloatToDollarString () {

to be somewhere inside the script  tags
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