ASP.NET DB Connection String is in DLL file

OK. OK I am trying to help a friend out here and I am not real familiar with I still do most of my webpages in asp.

some of the pages use a connection string to pull data from a database. My problem is that I found the connection string in a DLL file that is located in the BIN folder. Is there a way to edit this? I do not have any source code from the original developer and they are now out of business.

What are my opinions? I have used Reflector to view the inside of the file and its seems that the only thing this file does is a DB connection. I exported the files to a directory and it created a *.csproj file with a couple other files. I am assuming this is the decompiled source code.... Am I right? What do I do with it from here? I know I need to change the one file that has the connection string but after I do that do I have to recompile? If so how do I do that?
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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a project with all the classes, ... that you see in the .net reflector.
Then you can change the code you need and compile it
Take a look at .NET Reflector:

With this tool, you can generate (or create) all the classes, function, ...
If you do so, then you'll have all the code and you can change, compile as much as you like
jsuttorAuthor Commented:
Ok got that part. Not really a vb programmer or any other type of programmer so I am not sure about the process here. I have .Net Reflector and I have exported everything as I stated above but not sure what to do now.

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