WSUS 3.0 internal database location

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and I can't find the WSUS 3.0 database file to see how big it is.  I upgraded from WSUS 2.0 with a 1.4gb database.  The 1.4gb database file is now gone, and I want to know if the internal database is bigger, smaller, same.

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This article:

indicates that some files are stored in %windir%\SYSMSI\SSEE.

My memory is that the majority are stored in the WSUS folders.  Remember as well that the majority of the content is not actually in the database but is stored in files on disk, described here:

The best bet for finding the database is to look in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server.  You are looking for an instance named SSEE and it should indicate the path in this part of the registry.  First you look up the instance name in "Instance Names", and the data part indicates which folder the master database is stored in.  Other database files are indicated from within the master database.

If you install the SQL Server client tool such as SQL Server Management Studio Express, you can easily find more information by connecting to the database.  You need to use this connection string:
snowdog_2112Author Commented:
I know where the content is -- I've already moved that to a non-redundant drive to free space in my disk array.

I see the \SYSMSI\SSEE folder and some default SQL databases, but the \data folder inside has just the typical default databases.  The full path is: C:\WINDOWS\SYSMSI\SSEE\MSSQL.2005\MSSQL\Data

There is a mssqlsystemresource.mdf file, but that doesn't appear to be what I'm looking for.

Isnt' there a MS resource somewhere that describes where the heck they store data?

I can't connect to it using the Mgt Studio on another server.  Where do I enter that connection string to make the connection from a remote SQL server?
Connecting from a remote server is not easy as you first have to enable TCP/IP.  WUS communicates using named pipes.  I tend to install the SQL Server Management Studio Express tool on the server so that I can manage it.

You then connect using:


SSMS Express can then give you all the remaining information.  You probably won't be able to connect remotely because the server will be locked down initially.  You can change this using the SQL Server Surface Area Configuration Manager.

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snowdog_2112Author Commented:
Had to fumble around to get to the place where the connection string is entered.  Could have used a little more explicit direction there...
Author's comment:

"Had to fumble around to get to the place where the connection string is entered.  Could have used a little more explicit direction there..."

Sorry.  If you'd posted again I would have given more explicit directions, didn't know how much was straightforward for you.

Thank you for the points.
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