Roaming profiles ads ".000" ".001" and ".domain" userprofiles (user.domain.001)

Hi there you all,

We have a problem everyone knows about but there is no solution to find..
When we use roaming profiles some users get strange extensions on the profile directory.


My name is Rowald and my userdir is c:\doc..settings\rowald, now i can see

Does anyone have a hard solid solution for this?
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KCTSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
These profiles can result from a number of causes, It may be that the orginal profile was corrupted in some way a nd a new one created, or new profiles created after a computer is removed from the domain and added back for example.
mohsynConnect With a Mentor Commented:

when you creat a new profile with same name - system tries that name i.e. rowald but if rowals exists they simply add .000 and so on

it is not happening on its own, your account are getting created every time
DLeaverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This can be caused by the roaming profile having the same name as a local profile on the pc.  Doesn't cause  any issues but can be a little confusing as it doesn't look normal.  Removing the conflicting local profile should stop this
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