REORG of a tablespace is failing.
I altered the secqty and priqty of the TS and then stopped and started the database when I got 'not able to allocate next extent message'
now after inreasing the secqty,it gives this message
                       REASON 00C2010D
                       TYPE 00000220
                       NAME UCTEST01.DSNDBC.DZ034912.STMDDGX.I0001.A001
REASON=X'00E40009' CAUSE=X'00C9000A'.
please advise
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NigelleAuthor Commented:
just to add my tablespace has two partitions
NigelleAuthor Commented:
my table is now in --904
Kent OlsenData Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:
Hi Nigelle,

I believe that your database is in need of serious help.  :(

Based on the messages, it appears that the logical volume ran out of space (or failed), resulting in the first message (not able to allocate next extent).  The table in -904 suggests that the reorg was "in progress" and not at a stable point when DB2 was brought down.

I suspect that you're going to have to rebuild this database.

Good Luck,
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i need you to tell me exactly what you did
what do you mean by stopping and starting the database ?
did you run
-stop db(DZ034912) ?
or did you shut down db2 ?

please provide the exact commands you performed and the order you performed them

in order to fix the error you get, you can run the repair utility on this tablespace with the levelid argument
but first send me the commands you run, so we can make sure no furthur damage is done
NigelleAuthor Commented:
I did repair levelid and now I am able to access the table but when I run through the application program it gives -904.I ran a rebuild index(all) and now the application program run failed with sqlcode -471 and reason 00E79002 and sqlstate 55023.The reorg gives S04Ewith  REASON=X'00E40005' before and after the rebuild.Please help out


00E79002 means that db2 could not run a procedure or user defined function. use the display procedure or display function command to see if the command is in stop state, if so, use start procedure / function to start it, that is the most commomn error for this reason code, otherwise we will search another solution
00E40005 means there was an error with mvs sort.
can you post here the reorg command and the output you see in sysprint ?
how big is the table ? how many rows, what is the row size and how many indexes are there ?

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