DHCP Migration changeing IP addresses.

Here is the question i already have an DHCP active with 62.162.X.X working with public address i want now to stop this DHCP and reconfigure it, so i can send new range 10.1.X.X and stop useing the public-one...

but the problem is tha this is my first time and i really dont want to do something wrong coz i have more then 120 Clients can you please give some tutorials steps by step how i can do it fast painless please inform me.

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Spot_The_CatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This may be a bit obvious but look out for printers and other non windows/PC clients.

If you've got network printers - make sure that they're using DHCP and not bootp or even worse static. If they're static you'll need to go to or logon to each to change their address.

Having said that it's usually better to make reservations for printers as print queues can get quite upset when the printers change their address all of a sudden.

Also be sure that all network kit bridges/routers/hubs get changed too.

Hope that helps.
When changing scope like this, there will be issues in renewing the IP addresses.  Don't expect it to be completely invisible to the users.  You may want to look at pushing a script to run on teh remote machines to disable then re-enable the NICs.  You could use something along the lines of the included NICToggle.wsf to turn the NIC off, wait a few seconds, then turn it on again.  That will give you the most reliable way to get a new DHCP server up on a NIC in a Windows PC in my experience.
This script looks at your Local Area Connection
and enables it if disabled, disables it if enabled.
Script for toggling network connection on/off
C:\>cscript ToggleNIC.wsf
<object id=objShell progid=Shell.Application/>
<script language=VBScript>
Toggle NIC on or off
Option Explicit
Dim objCP, objEnable, objDisable, colNetwork
Dim clsConn, clsLANConn, clsVerb
Dim strNetConn, strConn, strEnable, strDisable
Dim bEnabled, bDisabled
strNetConn = Network Connections
strConn = Local Area Connection
strEnable = En&able
strDisable = Disa&ble
Set objCP = objShell.Namespace(3) Control Panel
Set colNetwork = Nothing
For Each clsConn in objCP.Items
If clsConn.Name = strNetConn Then
Set colNetwork = clsConn.getfolder
Exit For
End If
If colNetwork is Nothing Then
WScript.Echo Network folder not found
End If
Set clsLANConn = Nothing
For Each clsConn in colNetwork.Items
In case the LAN is named connection 2, etc.
If Instr(LCase(clsConn.name),LCase(strConn)) Then
Set clsLANConn = clsConn
Exit For
End If
If clsLANConn is Nothing Then
WScript.Echo Network Connection not found
End If
bEnabled = True
Set objEnable = Nothing
Set objDisable = Nothing
For Each clsVerb in clsLANConn.verbs
If clsVerb.name = strEnable Then 
Set objEnable = clsVerb 
bEnabled = False
End If
If clsVerb.name = strDisable Then 
Set objDisable = clsVerb 
End If
If bEnabled Then
End If
Give the connection time to stop/start
WScript.Sleep 1000 

Open in new window

munemgumenAuthor Commented:
Well i need just to change the scope add the new address and thats all ?

Just create the new pool and thats all ?
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120 Clients isn't going to cause such a big problem, especially if they start up their computers in drips and drabs like in most office environments. If your DHCP server can't cope with 120 clients, maybe you should be thinking about replacing it!
Just make sure everybody turns their PC off before they go home and make sure you have the DHCP options set correctly. Don't forget silly stuff like proxy settings - DHCP optio 252 is good for this.
DLeaverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it was me I would do the following

1) Send an e-mail to everyone saying that they must turn there PCs off when they leave the office that night (assuming that most finish at 5, no biggie if some stay longer as there current lease will keep them online for a bit)
2) Go to your DHCP server and remove the current scope
3) Set up your new scope through the wizard as required putting in your DNS, WINS (OPT), Gateway etc
4) Ensure the scope is activated and that should be it
5) When everyone starts up there PC in the morning the NICS will be assigned with the new range

*Consider your current setup to ensure that it all runs smoothly, for example if you have any reservations set on the current scope, any network devices set with static IPs in the external range or that might also require a restart after the new DHCPs install.
*Any users who don't get a refreshed IP then you can use ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew

Any probs then post back
You can, if you want to be really clever, export your current dhcp leases using netsh dhcp to a text file, do a search and replace 62.162.X.X for 10.1.X.X and re-import. Can't remember the commands, I've slept since I did it last.
I still reckon it's not worth it for 120 users. As long as the boss's PC works...
munemgumenAuthor Commented:
Heheh nice solution :) anyone else?
munemgumenAuthor Commented:
Other thing. i setup an SECOND interface on the DHCP so i can add addresses i can reconfigure the DHCP rite?
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