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How to install OEM agent into existing OEM DB Console

khawhl asked
A default OEM was created during 10G database creation.
Plan to setup central monitoring by using OEM in separate host.
Understand an agent need to be either push or install in the target that want to monitor.  However, the existing dbconsole has been installed in each individual db during db creation.
How can the central OEM able to monitor?
Pls advise.

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Fekrat El WehediInfrastructure Architect / Oracle DBA

I would advise you to read more about Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid control.

The following is quoted from oracle website:
"Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control delivers centralized management functionality for the complete Oracle IT infrastructure, including systems running Oracle and non-Oracle technologies. With a broad set of administration, configuration management, provisioning, end-to-end monitoring, and security capabilities, Oracle Grid Control reduces the cost and complexity of managing grid computing environments. Robust service level management functionality within Oracle Grid Control dramatically improves service levels through rich transaction and end-user performance monitoring and deep diagnostics for multi-tier Internet applications. Oracle Grid Control also offers a comprehensive extensibility framework for management of custom applications and integration with other management tools. These capabilities allow companies to deliver superior performance for their systems and applications, while continually reducing management complexity and costs."


My question is do I require to remove the standalone OEM which already configured and reinstall just the agent into the host that we want to monitor?
Infrastructure Architect / Oracle DBA
I hope the following information answers your question:


 When you choose to create a preconfigured database during the Oracle 10g installation, you can select the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) interface that you want to use to manage the database. The following options are available:

        * Database Grid Control

        This option is available only if an Oracle Management Agent is installed on the system. When the Installer detects an Oracle Management Agent on the system, it allows you to choose this option and specify the Oracle Management Service that you want to use to manage the database.

        If an Oracle Management Agent is not installed, you must choose to use Database Control to manage the database. However, if you install Oracle Management Agent after you install Oracle Database, you can then use Grid Control to manage this database.

        * Database Control

        This option is selected by default if an Oracle Management Agent is not installed on the system. However, even if a Management Agent is installed, you can still choose to configure Database Control to manage the database.

For more details you can visit the following URL:


Thanks a lot with your response.
Thank you.


Thanks for the advise.  I was confused as stated in Metalink Note: 400476.1 that to drop the DB control if we need to install OM agent into the same host.  However, this was verified with Oracle Support and they will put a remark on this.  He explained that DB control does not require to drop if OM agent is needed to be installed.  Both agent can be installed in the same host.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  Thank you so much.

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